2017 XC Awards:  Grace Custer- Vype Athlete of the Year, Houston Chronicle XC All Team, All-State All-Regional

2017 XC Nike 2017- Looking to make a trip a Portland, the girls once again fought a hard battle at the Nike South meet, with top teams from the southern US.  Placing 5th in a tight race was the best performance in school history.  Placing 2nd team All Nike South was Grace Custer (11th).  The boys coming off a great race at Regionals once again performed extremely well in the Open Division.  With one teammate dropping out, the boys could not score as a team, but individually placed very well..

2017 XC Championships- 2017 The boys and girls wrapped up their season, with the boys showing a strong performance towards at the end placing 2nd at District Championships and 8th at Regional Championships.  The girls team won their District followed up with a 2nd place finish at Regionals.  With one of the toughest levels of competition, the girls placed 5th at the State Meet.  Top finishers were Grace Custer (All State) 15th, Hope Sage and Olivia Hirst.